D-Day - Facts, figures and Trivia

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The first recorded action at sea is said to have taken place in 1210 BC when the Hittites defeated the Cypriots near Cyprus. Egyptian King Ramses III defeated the ‘Sea Peoples’ at the Battle of the Delta in 1190 BC.

For thousands of years a nations strength was defined by its power at sea. Sea  power  was  the  sum  of  a  nation’s capabilities to implement its interests in the ocean,   by   using   the   ocean   areas   for political, economic, and military activities in peace or war in order to attain national objectives—with  principal  components  of sea  power  being  naval  power,  ocean science,  ocean  industry,  and  ocean  commerce.

No fewer than 113 countries around the world have navies.

Naval trivia and traditions.

WORLD FIRST: The USS Enterprise became the world’s first nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

NOT JUST A YACHT: This Royal Navy vessel was the yacht of the British Royal Family.

JOLLY ROGER: During World War I Lt Commander Max Horton would fly the Jolly Roger when returning from successful submarine patrols.

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