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The Vietnam War was officially fought between North and South Vietnam.  It lasted for 19 years, five months, four weeks and one day and took place from 1 November 1955 to  30 April 1975.

Although the USA never declared war on North Vietnam, some 2.7 million US troops served in Vietnam.

Besides the United States, seven other countries sent troops to fight or serve on the side of South Vietnam. They were South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Khmer Republic and the Kingdom of Laos. The Republic of China provided military support.

The belligerents on the North’s side were North Vietnma, Vietcong, Khmer Rouge and Pather Lao. The USSR, People’s Republic of China, North Korea and Cuba provided military support.

Vietnam War Trivia


Ghost tape.mp3

Click on the audio symbol to listen to “Ghost Tape No. 10”. This was one of the tapes used during ‘Operation Wandering Soul’.

GAME OVER: South Vietnamese Chief of Police Nguyen Ngoc Loan executes Vietcong intelligence officer Nguyen Van Lem.

THE BIG LIE: A ceremony honours the arrival of bodies of troops killed in Vietnam. Most of the coffins, however, were empty.

TUNNEL RAT: Probably one of the most dangerous jobs of the Vietnam War - going into Vietcong tunnels and seeking out the enemy.

SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE: Punji sticks were not designed to kill and enemy but rather to wound them.

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